Road / Aero

We understand our range of bikes and can advise you on each bike we have in our range.

Swansea Cipollini

Road Bikes

Every bike manufacturer claims to have squared the circle of producing the "flexible-rigid" bike, that is a bike with excellent power delivery together with compliant ride quality. We have particularly looked for those bikes that get closer to this ideal than others. We also believe you do not need to be a contortionists to ride a performance bike. Whether it's the scenic costal paths or the glorious Black Mountains our local cycling is some of the best and most varied in the country, make sure you have a bike that suits you and your needs.

Swansea Triathlon

Aero Bikes

At increasing speed air resistance plays an increasing role. Aero-bikes cut through the air better than other bikes and have specific ride characteristics; they are not suitable for everyone or every race. Remember when Romain Bardet came second in the Tour de France (2016) he used the Focus Izalco Max (a non aero bike) in the Time trial, the previous year Froome only changed to an aero-bike for the second part of the time trail. Aero bikes have a specific role, they are not all the same and each has its own sweet spot.