Award winning carbon engineering & design from germany

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Marcus Storck has been developing innovative, ground breaking and timeless products since 1995 and as a reward he has won numerous tests and design awards. This year he has created several new highlights, which continue the proven Storck tradition. Products, which offer the best compromise of longevity, lightweight and strength on- or off-road. Storck continues to re-develop existing technologies with the most modern materials available to create award winning design combined with function.

Many of his innovations have become standard features on modern bikes were developed, patented and introduced by Storck. Things such as the First ever ALL carbon fork, First ever ALL carbon cranks, First ever ALL carbon full suspension mountain bike. Also the First ever Olympic gold medal for mountain biking was won on a Storck!

Storck takes great care of its product’s to ensure the designs are never out of date and that the bikes must match the individuality of their owners which creates this great fascination of owning a Storck. Re-think what you ride


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