Born in Kona, USA in the ‘90s, Vision has been synonymous with a no-expense spared assault on wind resistance.

Recent years have seen the innovative application of carbon fiber and the creation of dream-like shapes to enhance performance.

Vision is leading the way in time trials and triathlon by creating slippery-fast aero products that allow riders to push their limits in race conditions. Vision continually refine, test and innovate in the quest for speed, with industry-leading products throughout the range delivering performance at a competitive price.

Visions history in the sport and innovation in design and manufacturing is important to them. Vision are proud to constantly invest in products to ensure that they provide the best components for enthusiastic customers and it is this investment that has ensured they stay ahead of others developing industry leading components that the customers demand. Vision invest heavily in research and development, using the very latest cutting edge technologies to develop and deliver the best products possible