Pilot House Wheels


We initially saw Justin Russell’s ability as a wheel-smith in the early days of the British Handmade Bike Show, at that point he was based in London. Luckily for us he agreed to come back to Wales to work with us at Pilot House Cycles. We now offer a select range of wheels ideal for our local riding conditions as well as completely bespoke wheels.

The majority of top wheels are handmade, that is why we have a competitive advantage of the

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PHC Hubs

We have our own specification of hubs, which we believe have the ideal combination of spoke count, weight and durability.

carbon rims

Carbon Rims

Many people have commented on how they love the weave pattern on our rims, but this is not just aesthetic because this method of production produces incredibly strong wheels with increased uniformity compared to other methods of manufacturing. These rims are available in 38 mm and 55mm specifications and are perfect for the modern larger tyres but most importantly they allow us to build each wheel so it is suitable both tubeless set-up or clincher with inner tube (traditional).

light-weight wheels

Light Weight

Our climbing wheels are not just light weight, they are also durable, reflecting our local conditions. We have excellent climbs locally and that is why we make lightweight climbing wheels. Whether you choose Cefn Bryn for the views or the Black Mountains, the Devil’s Elbow or Devil’s Staircase for the challenge, we have a specification has been tried and tested in our local conditions. We offer ultra lightweight carbon rims and do not restrict this to tubular set up but also the more practical clincher format.

Our most popular lightweight rims are aluminium, and together with our own specification hubs they allow us to offer a wheel set weighing 1250gm for a price of £400.

PHC carbon wheels

Pilot House Wheels

We have chose both hubs and wheels to complete each other and we believe our PHC wheels are the perfect combination.